Fil-Ams Watch Bumbershoot Festival

Sleepless in Seattle

Tony's text below inadvertently went to my email:

Good evening dear friends. Just saw that Sheryl Crow got inducted into Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. What year did we go to Bumbershoot?  Where was it held and who else sang, besides Beck and Crow?

Photo left to right: John (AJ's friend), AJ, Missy, Tony and J.F. 

We went to Bumbershoot 1997

Bumbershoot is an annual international music and arts festival held in Seattle, Washington. One of North America's largest such festivals, it takes place every Labor Day weekend at the 74-acre Seattle Center, which was built for the 1962 World's Fair. Seattle Center includes both indoor theaters and outdoor stages.
Photo above was in Memorial Stadium in Seattle, Washington. I remember watching Beck so that must have been taken Saturday, Aug 30, 1997.

I thought our Seattle trip was 1998 because Tony, Marie and I went to Kauai/Oahu in November 1996. Then Tony, Marie and I hit New York City in May 1997 (thanks Tone for your work assignment & the accommodations), with AJ and Annie joining us the for the second week in the Big Apple.

But both Missy and Tony recollect that we watched the news in our hotel room when Princess Diana died.  That was August 31, 1997.

More pix to come, Bumbershoot buddies. 

Memorial Stadium. Seattle, WA

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